1 Roland Fuhrmann » Leonie Baumann about THERMOCHROMATRIX in Building and Space

Leonie Baumann

The complex universe of patents
‚Art in architecture‘ for the German Patent and Trade Mark Office and the European Patent Office in Berlin

Building and Space, yearbook 2018, BBR, p. 122
Translation: Benjamin Liebelt, Berlin

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„In view of the expected constricted spatial situation in the canteen, Roland Fuhrmann conceived his idea for the lighting dome of the room. He designed a hovering installation with a visual radiance drawn from the synergy of illuminative and thermo-kinetic effects. The gently floating installation is made of polychrome, dichroic coloured glass that reacts to rays of light, wich will cause a diverse interplay of spectral colours when lightenters the canteen. Instead of beingregulated by an energy source, the temperature-changes in the room control the installation. Expanding materials cause the different lighting effects as if by magic. ‚Thermochromatrix‘ is the title of the colourful spectrum produced by temperature effects that will unfold in the canteen space. Roland Fuhrmann proposed the concept to the Patent Office in the form of a utility model. As the artist explains, ‚This utility model will then be exhibited as part of the installation in the canteen, describing the way it works.‘ “ Leonie Baumann